SHIP Community Membership Terms & Conditions

1. Name

Registered participants in the SHIP Community (hereafter “the community” are called “SHIP community members” (hereafter “member/s”).

2. Purpose

The community promotes voluntary actions and interactions among members in order to achieve the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) through business actions.

3. Constitution

The community consists of corporations, individuals and organizations agreeing to the purpose as stated in Article 2.

4. Activities

The community organizes activities as suggested below and agreed by the secretariat or members:
(1) Advocacy of the SDGs: Implementation of open forums and events
(2) Information gathering about the SDGs: Provision of e-mail newsletters and reports

5. Participation

Entry to the the community for prospective members is through the prescribed registration form.

6. Withdrawal

Members may withdraw at any time. In this case, members should notify the SHIP Secretariat by e-mail or in writing.

7. Notification

The member should notify the SHIP Secretariat about any amendments of registration information, such as name or contact information.

8. Protection of information

The member should not use any company/personal information obtained through the community membership for any activities not relating to the purpose of the community, nor disclose or transfer any company/personal information obtained through the community membership to third parties.

9. Eliminating antisocial forces

As stipulated by the Organized Crime Exclusion Ordinance in Japanese law, any so-called antisocial forces cannot participate in this community. As soon as antisocial members are found, their registration as a member will be revoked immediately.

10. Membership fee and operations

Membership in the community is free of charge. However, there are paid programs provided by the SHIP organizers.

11. Secretariat

Japan Innovation Network functions as the secretariat of the community.

Additional clauses

(Enforcement date)These terms & conditions will come into force from the 9th of December, 2016.
(Expiry date)These terms & conditions will expire upon the dissolution of the SHIP Community.