Workshop for Hitachi Channel Solutions on “Shaping the Future” based on the SDGs [Nov 8]

Hitachi Channel Solutions, Corp. boasts the top share of the ATMs in Japan. The company provides solutions using sensing, handling and security technologies not only in the financial sector, but also in manufacturing, distribution, public service, transportation and healthcare.

Based on the company’s vision, “Shaping a sustainable future by connecting the real and the digital, people and society with technology and trust,” Hitachi Channel Solutions is exploring and pursuing images of the future that it envisions and promoting the realization of these images. In this context, a two-hour workshop was held by SHIP on November 8, 2022 to encourage employees of the company to “shape the future” based on the SDGs, and to inspire them to take actions.

In the workshop, after a lecture on the relationship between the SDGs and business, as well as the innovation process, participants were asked to find his/her own relationship to a few selected SDG targets. Then, by utilizing the methodology of Purpose Engineering*, participants discussed what kind of driving goals should be set and what kind of specific projects should be launched and acted upon to achieve their personal goals and the social goals of the SDGs.

*Purpose engineering: A method to create a clear and strong pivotal purpose by organizing purpose in three levels: Intra purposes (personal purposes), Pivotal purpose (driving goals of a project or business), and Meta purpose (social purpose), and to launch a project and make it successful.

After the workshop, participants commented, “It was an opportunity to think deeply about the SDGs,” “I was able to feel closer to the SDGs,” “I was surprised that we have to make the SDGs our business,” “I was able to understand the method to incorporate the SDGs into my work,” “My awareness of the SDGs has increased. And I will be more conscious of them in my daily work,” and “It was an opportunity to consider how my work can contribute to the SDGs. I understood that I need to take the initiative in line with the goals.”

SHIP continues to support the creation of SDG-driven business models in line with the vision and philosophy of companies.

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