Gave a lecture on “The Essence of the SDGs and Innovation” at the Social Innovation School [Nov 11]

The Creative Response-Social Innovation School (CR-SIS) fosters human resources capable of solving social issues through the power of innovation. This school, started in 2020 and headed by Seiichiro Yonekura, Professor Emeritus of Hitotsubashi University as well as Professor of Hosei University Graduate School, has been offering 6-month classes for businessperson in charge of corporate CSR/SDGs, business strategy and brand strategy, and those who are planning to start their own social business.

Ai Ohara, the Director of SHIP, was invited to speak at the 6th class of CR-SIS on November 11, 2022. Under the title of “The Essence of the SDGs and Innovation,” she explained that the SDGs are not just icons but are unique in that they are measurable goals with a three-tier structure of goals, targets, and indicators (KPIs), and that when you look into targets and indicators, you can find opportunities for innovation. She also emphasized that it is essential to know how to initiate innovation in order to achieve the SDGs, by showing the cases of projects between UNDP and Japanese companies, in line with the concept of innovation activities defined by ISO 56002: Innovation Management System.

The lecture was attended not only at the Tokyo venue but also online from Sendai, Nagoya, Hiroshima and Fukuoka. A wide range of people, from high school and university students aiming for social business to teachers, entrepreneurs and businesspersons listened to the lecture and asked many questions after the lectures.

SHIP is thus connected with many external stakeholders to promote activities to achieve the SDGs through innovation.


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